Hot on the heels of the film’s successful Ontario premiere at TIFF Bell Lightbox at ‘Planet In Focus’ on October 12, 2012, the NFB feature documentary ‘Vanishing Point’, directed and produced by filmmakers Stephen A. Smith and Julia Szucs, is scheduled to open the ‘Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival’ on October 27, 2012.

Peter Wintonick, International Editor of ‘Point Of View’ magazine, describes the film: "Excellent film, finely observed. Subtle honouring of a disappearing culture and a disappearing Gaia/Earth… the central character is very strong and wise, and curious. Beautifully shot and edited, in a natural, almost real time way.”


The film’s score, by John Welsman, features two rare instruments played by Mark Korven - the sarello and nyckelharpa. John reflects: “While researching instruments that might help convey the cold, austere ‘other worldly’ aspect of the far north, I chose the Sarello, which is a cross between a cello and a North Indian sarangi, built by luthier Tony Duggan-Smith and designed by Tony and Mark. It’s a one-of-a-kind instrument that sounds quite unlike any other on the planet. Its set of sympathetic vibrating strings under the main three strings give it an indescribable sound.” On a number of themes, Korven played the Swedish nyckelharpa, which has been likened to a ‘bowed hurdy-gurdy’. Here's a link to the website for the film.

Here's a scene from the film that features both instruments: