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Tempest Storm Premieres at Hot Docs 2016

Tempest Storm, the feature documentary directed by Nimisha Mukerji, with score by John Welsman, will have its world premiere at Hot Docs Festival on April 30, 2016.


Tempest Storm was mistress to both Elvis and JFK, and became an international star of the stage and screen in the 1950s. At the age of 87 she is considered to be the greatest living exotic dancer, but her success came at a great personal cost. Exploring her dramatic rise to fame in burlesque and her swift fall from grace after pursuing an interracial marriage, “Tempest Storm” is a feature documentary that bares all to tell the controversial life story of an American sex icon.

Welsman comments: 'Tempest endured traumatic experiences growing up in the deep-south town of Eastman, Georgia – experiences that scarred and set the course for her future life in Burlesque. The story of her childhood seemed to call out for a moody, blues-based score, for the cry in the bend of an electric slide guitar. So I started there... but Tempest is a determined, indomitable woman who refuses to see her life as a tragedy. She rises above, and there had to be music in the score that played to her strength and spirit as well.'

Here's the main theme...